TECNO CAMON 30 Series LOEWE. Design Edition with coffee grounds back cover announced

TECNO has launched the CAMON 30 Series LOEWE Design Edition, featuring an innovative back cover made from recycled coffee grounds.

This unique design is a collaboration with LOEWE, the German TV and audio brand, offering an eco-friendly and stylish choice for modern users.

Key Features: CAMON 30 Series LOEWE Design Edition

Eco-friendly Design: The back cover is made from waste coffee grounds, reflecting TECNO’s commitment to sustainability. This design uses over 25% bio-based material, achieving USDA Bio-based certification.

Color and Aesthetics: Inspired by nature, the green gradient design symbolizes the life cycle of leaves, combining sustainable elements with stylish inspiration. The color blocking adds a modern touch.

Environmental Impact: Using waste coffee grounds reduces the consumption of fossil fuels by approximately 49.6% and cuts carbon dioxide emissions by 46.3% compared to traditional leather. Each phone cover uses about 0.8g of waste coffee grounds.

Durability and Feel: The cover is UV resistant, temperature and humidity resistant, and offers a luxurious touch, outperforming traditional synthetic and animal leathers.

Sustainable Manufacturing: The production process is free of organic solvents, uses no additional water, and is powered entirely by solar energy, minimizing environmental impact.

TECNO highlights that this design aligns with the global coffee culture, merging innovation in materials with LOEWE’s expertise in premium product design.

The CAMON 30 Series LOEWE Design Edition is a testament to the harmony of nature, technology, and fashion, TECNO said.


The new edition is available across the CAMON 30 series, including the Camon 30 Premier, Camon 30 Pro, Camon 30 5G, and Camon 30. Other specifications of the devices remain unchanged.

Commenting on the launch, Marco A. Mueller, Director of Design and Design Management at LOEWE Design Studio, said:

The LOEWE Design Studio has a long history of excellence in designing premium consumer electronics. Our focus on high-quality design and innovative technology aligns perfectly with TECNO’s forward-thinking approach. This partnership allows us to combine our strengths, creating standout products in the competitive smartphone market.