Samsung said to be gearing up for 2nm Chip development for Galaxy S26 series

Samsung is gearing up to mass-produce flagship smartphone application processors (APs) using the 2nm node by the second half of next year. This new process, dubbed SF2, will debut with the Exynos 2600 AP.

As per a recent report from ET News, Samsung is in the works of developing a chipset codenamed ‘Thetis,’ named after the sea goddess in Greek mythology, possibly signifying a new ‘generation’ of processors.

Expected to hit mass production in 2025, this SoC will utilize the 2nm fabrication process and is slated for use in the Galaxy S26 series. This chip might be marketed as the Exynos 2600, aiming to rival Apple’s upcoming A-series, M-series, and AI chips, which are also slated for 2nm production.

Samsung Exynos 2600 (2nm) SoC

Speculations suggest that ‘Thetis’ could indeed be the Exynos 2600. Samsung’s flagship line in 2026, including the Galaxy S26 and S26+, is expected to feature this chip globally, except in the U.S., China, and Canada, where Snapdragon 8 Gen 5 SoC will power the devices.

However, the Galaxy S26 Ultra is anticipated to sport the Snapdragon 8 Gen 5 SoC across all markets.

Recent rumors hint that the Exynos 2600 might introduce Samsung’s in-house GPU, replacing AMD’s GPU seen in earlier models like the Exynos 2400 and upcoming Exynos 2500.

If speculations hold true, Samsung will rely on its proprietary design for the GPU accompanying the Exynos 2600.

Launch date?

While Apple is poised to debut its 2nm chipset in the iPhone 17 series by September 2025, Samsung’s adoption of the 2nm Exynos 2600 SoC is scheduled for early 2026 with the release of the Galaxy S26 series.