Instagram Notes and Limits get new updates; Threads web revamped

Meta-owned Instagram is rolling out three new updates for its Notes feature. These updates include the introduction of likes, mentions, and prompts for Notes.

Notes Prompts: This feature helps kick-start conversations with your followers.

You can ask questions or post prompts to spark discussions. Replies to your prompts will be displayed in a new user interface, showing each reply along with the user’s profile picture and online status.

Notes Likes: Now, followers can express their appreciation for your Notes by leaving likes, similar to how likes work for comments or stories. You can also keep track of the likes you receive.

Notes Mentions: With this feature, you can tag friends in your Notes by using the “@” symbol followed by their username. The tagged person will receive a notification once the Note is shared.

Expanded ‘Limits’ Feature for Enhanced Safety

Instagram is upgrading its safety controls with the expansion of the ‘limits’ feature. This feature allows users to hide direct messages (DMs) and comments from accounts that may be harassing them.

Now, you can mute incoming messages from everyone except those on your close friends list. You’ll only see DMs, tags, and mentions from people on your list, while still allowing non-close friends to interact with your posts.

Additionally, Instagram is extending its restrict feature, which now enables users to prevent others from tagging or mentioning them, in addition to hiding their comments.

A New Web Layout for Threads

Threads, Instagram’s messaging platform, unveils a desktop site redesign offering enhanced customization options.

Users can personalize their homepage with various feeds, similar to TweetDeck, catering to individual preferences and browsing habits.

The new layout allows users to select and display feeds of their choice, including Following feed, For You feed, saved posts, and recent notifications.

You can also opt for auto-update to seamlessly view new content in real-time.


The above-mentioned features have already started rolling out to users globally and will continue to expand over the coming weeks.

Announcing the update, Instagram head Adam Mosseri posted on Threads:

We’re starting to roll out the new on desktop globally, allowing you to customize and personalize what you see. We have many exciting ideas to make this the best platform for sharing thoughts, so stay tuned and let us know if you have any suggestions.