Instagram gets nudity protection in DMs to combat sextortion

Meta has introduced new tools on Instagram to fight against sextortion and intimate image abuse. To develop these tools, Meta has collaborated with experts who have experience in combatting these crimes.

Protect Against Sextortion and Intimate Image Abuse

They’ve worked to understand how scammers operate online and to create effective methods to stop them. These tools aim to protect people from sextortion and intimate image abuse, making it difficult for scammers to target potential victims.

Meta is also testing measures to help young people recognize and protect themselves from these scams. They’ve implemented measures like stricter message settings for teens and safety notices for potential scam accounts.

Nudity Protection in Instagram DMs

In response to the rising threat of sextortion, Meta is launching a new feature in Instagram Direct Messages (DMs) aimed at protecting users from unwanted exposure to explicit content.

This feature automatically blurs images containing nudity, providing users with the option to view or block them. Key features include:

  • Automatic Activation: Nudity protection is activated by default for users under 18 globally, with adults encouraged to enable it.

  • Safety Notifications: Users sending or receiving explicit images are reminded to exercise caution, with the option to retract messages.

  • Recipient Safeguards: Recipients of explicit images are shielded from immediate exposure, with the ability to block senders and report abuse.

  • Educational Resources: Users are directed to safety tips and support resources to enhance awareness and protection against sextortion.

Preventing Potential Scammers from Connecting with Teens

Meta is intensifying efforts to thwart scammers attempting to exploit teens through sextortion schemes. Enhanced measures include:

  • Account Monitoring: Swift action is taken against accounts engaging in sextortion, including removal and prevention of reactivation.
  • Signal Identification: Advanced technology is being developed to detect accounts potentially involved in sextortion activities, minimizing their interaction with teen users.
  • Message Request Handling: Messages from suspicious accounts are routed to a hidden folder, reducing exposure to harmful content.
  • Teen Protection: Stricter messaging defaults for teens under 16 ensure they can only be contacted by existing connections, with additional measures to limit interaction with potential scammers.
New Resources for Scam Victims

Meta is rolling out additional support resources for individuals who may have encountered sextortion scams, including:

  • Pop-up Messages: Users interacting with removed accounts are directed to expert-backed resources for assistance.
  • In-App Helplines: Integration of global child safety helplines enables swift access to support when reporting relevant issues.
Fighting Sextortion Scams Across the Internet

Meta is collaborating with industry partners through initiatives like Lantern to combat sextortion scams beyond Instagram. Key actions include:

  • Information Sharing: Sharing sextortion-specific signals through Lantern facilitates cross-platform cooperation to mitigate online exploitation.

Overall, Meta’s new tools and initiatives aim to protect users from sextortion and intimate image abuse, empower young people to recognize and prevent scams, and foster cooperation to combat online exploitation.