Airtel and Vi boost connectivity in Ayodhya for Ram Mandir Inauguration

The consecration of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya is taking place today, January 22, 2024. Over 7,000 dignitaries and pilgrims are expected to attend. Following the inauguration, the temple plans to welcome three to five lakh pilgrims daily.

This influx could significantly impact network traffic. To ensure seamless connectivity for pilgrims, Vi and Airtel have enhanced network capacity in key landmarks and surrounding areas.

Vi Enhancements for Connectivity

Telecom operator Vi, in collaboration with the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), the government, and local authorities, has bolstered its network infrastructure. Vi upgraded existing sites across Ayodhya, covering major areas.

The Department of Telecommunications and other relevant departments expedited approvals, facilitating the installation of towers and ensuring swift execution. Vi improved network coverage, increased capacity, and enhanced backhaul connectivity across all spectrum bands.

The efforts include adding new sites, upgrading/refarming L2100 spectrum capacity at key locations like Ayodhya Railway Station, Ram Mandir Campus, the Airport, and connecting highways to Lucknow and Varanasi. Vi users can expect enhanced connectivity for high-speed data transfer, clear voice calls, and seamless video streaming.

Airtel’s Network Infrastructure Upgrades

Airtel has enhanced its network infrastructure to cover crucial locations in Ayodhya, such as the airport, railway station, bus stands, landmarks, hotels, and other significant venues.

The company deployed additional network sites, Cells on Wheels (CoWs) in key locations like Ayodhya Dham, Airport, Railway Station, Bus Stand, and various parks and ghats, and optic fiber cables throughout the city.

Airtel prioritized seamless data connectivity at key areas like the main site, locker rooms, and Rajawar Park. Airtel extended its efforts by installing additional sites and Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) to cover the Ram Mandir and its surroundings.

The deployment of additional manpower, including network engineers, aims to provide uninterrupted service across Ayodhya during the surge in visitors.