Truecaller adds AI-powered spam blocking feature on Android

Truecaller’s latest update on Android brings a new feature called AI spam blocking, focusing on curbing spam calls. Available for Premium subscribers under the ‘Max’ protection, this feature automatically blocks all suspected spam calls.

This update improves user experience by using AI technology to identify and block calls from unknown numbers or potential spam, making call screening more effective.

Notably, this feature comes shortly after Truecaller introduced call recordings and AI-powered transcriptions in India.

How Truecaller AI Spam Blocking Works

Truecaller traditionally blocks calls by cross-referencing potential spam numbers with its database. The AI spam-blocking feature goes further by automatically blocking calls from unrecognized contacts or those deemed spam by Truecaller’s AI.

To activate the AI spam-blocking feature, users can go to Settings > Block within the app, alongside two options: Off and Basic. Now, with the Max option, exclusive to Premium subscribers, implements rigorous spam-blocking measures, proactively blocking calls from known spammers using advanced AI algorithms.

Unlike the Android version, the AI spam-blocking feature won’t be available on Truecaller’s iOS app due to Apple’s strict privacy policies, which restrict apps from accessing spam call statuses.

Potential Drawbacks and Improvements

Truecaller acknowledges that this feature might inadvertently block calls from legitimate businesses. The company tested numerous algorithms across its markets and incorporated user feedback to refine the feature, promising further enhancements.


The AI-powered Max spam blocking is available exclusively on Truecaller’s Android app with the latest update v13.58.

To access it, users need to subscribe to Truecaller’s Premium plan. In India, subscription plans range from Rs. 149 to Rs. 5,000 annually, offering benefits like call recording, call screening, and live chat support.