Endefo Entun’z Mega Pro and Double Barrel party speakers launched

At the Mobile India Expo in Delhi, Endefo launched the Entun’z Mega Pro and Double Barrel party speakers. These party speakers offer up to 100W of surround sound experience, LED display, and various connectivity options including AUX, USB Drive, and Micro SD Card slot.

Endefo Entun’z Mega Pro party speaker

The Endefo Entun’z Mega Pro offers 70W Ultra Bass sound output with Surround Sound effects. It features a karaoke mic, LED display, remote control, mobile holder, AUX, USB Drive, micro SD card, and FM radio. It comes in black color, weighs 3.80 kg, and offers a long battery life.

Endefo Double Barrel party speaker

The Double Barrel, with its impressive 100W Ultra Bass sound output, offers a dual speaker configuration for an enhanced surround sound experience. It has an equalizer control board, LED Display, tone control, remote control, AUX, USB Drive, Micro SD Card, and FM Radio. It comes in black color, weighs 5 kg, and offers a long battery life.

Pricing and Availability

The new party speakers are available for purchase on the company’s website, with prices mentioned below:

Additionally, by 21st January 2024, these products will be available for customers at 2000+ retail stores including Sangeetha Mobiles, Supreme Paradise, Lot Mobile, Nandilath Digital, Ideal Home Appliances, Easy Store, Gulf Own Digital, Image Mobiles, and Computers.

The company is also showcasing these new party speakers at the Mobile India Expo, in Delhi.

Regarding the launch, Aneef Tas, CEO of Endefo, said,

We are thrilled to introduce the Entun’z Mega Pro and Double Barrel speakers to the Indian market. With a perfect blend of state-of-the-art technology and affordability, we believe these speakers will resonate well with the Indian consumer. This launch marks a significant step towards solidifying Endefo’s position in India and reinforces our commitment to delivering innovative and high-quality audio solutions at an affordable range.

Our brand is one of a kind, embedded with the latest features and advanced tech. This expo is a perfect opportunity for us to display our offerings and share our plans for expansion with our consumers. Our previous products, like the recently launched Endefo watches and TWS, have been well-received in the market. We are pleased with their success, and it motivates us to continue bringing the latest tech-enabled affordable products to the Indian market.