Apple Vision Pro headset roll out said to begin Feb 2024

At WWDC 2023, Apple introduced Vision Pro, the company’s first mixed-reality headset. It packs exciting hardware and visionOS software to deliver a sophisticated user experience.

At the time of launch, Apple only disclosed the pricing and not the availability. Now, according to popular Apple analyst Mark Gurman, Apple is ramping up production of the Vision Pro, setting the stage for a launch by February 2024.

It is reported that the production of the new headset is running at full speed at facilities in China, with the goal of making customer-bound units ready by the end of January. Another hint the analyst cites is the email note sent by Apple to software developers yesterday, encouraging them to “get ready” for the Vision Pro by testing their apps with the latest tools and sending their software to Apple for feedback.

So we are hoping for the release of the headset earlier next year. As confirmed by Apple earlier, the initial rollout will happen only in the US. We are expecting the company to expand the rollout to more countries later next year.

Apart from production and preparing the software, Apple is also focusing on the retail side of the premium headset. Apple is sending at least two staffers from each of its retail outlets to its headquarters next month for training. The training will teach employees about the functions and highlights of Vision Pro, how to market the product, and manage sales.

Furthermore, as it’s a sensitive product, Apple is sprucing up its retail stores to make room for inventory and accessories like head straps, light seals, and prescription lenses. The training will also teach employees how to handle these accessories, such as attaching the headband, optional prescription lenses, and the light seal, which keeps outside light from affecting the experience.

It is said that Apple is also planning an app for its devices that can scan customers’ heads to determine which band and light seal they should use. These preparations firmly hint at the launch of the Vision Pro headset earlier next year. We should get more details regarding the rollout in the coming weeks.