Apple Watch with new look, AirPods 4 with updated design, ANC in 2024: Report

According to a recent report by Mark Gurman on Bloomberg, Apple is planning to update the look of at least one model of the Apple Watch. Though not specified, it might be the standard Apple Watch.

New look for Apple Watch 2024

While the Apple Watch Ultra was introduced in 2022, rumors suggest that a microLED display won’t be added until 2025 or 2026. Gurman previously mentioned that the company is working on ‘Watch X’ with new designs, a significant update for the tenth anniversary of the Apple Watch, expected in 2024. This might coincide with the “Apple Watch Series 10,” featuring a thinner design and a new magnetic mechanism for bands.

The notable health features include detecting hypertension and sleep apnea. Blood pressure monitoring on the wrist will detect hypertension, while sleep measurements and breathing patterns will identify sleep apnea. Gurman anticipates the release of the updated Apple Watch around September 2024, alongside the iPhone 16 lineup.

Airpods 4 with ANC and New design

Additionally, in 2024, Apple plans to launch the fourth-generation AirPods, offering an updated design, a redesigned case with Find My alerts, and a USB-C charging port. The higher-end version will include Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), providing ANC at a more affordable price point.

A software update will add hearing aid functionality, positioning AirPods as an over-the-counter hearing aid alternative. Furthermore, Gurman suggests a new version of the AirPods Max in 2024, with new colors and a USB-C charging port.

The AirPods Pro may see an update in 2025, focusing on comfort and possibly introducing new features like body-temperature and health tracking, still in early development.

Gurman also mentions major changes for the iPad, including a revamped iPad Pro version, a larger screen option for the iPad Air, faster chips for the iPad Mini and the entry-level model, and significant upgrades for the Mac, with the MacBook Air gaining the M3 chip soon, and new MacBook Pros (codenamed J614 and J616) already in development.