Meta is bringing Telegram-like Broadcast Channels to Facebook and Messenger

Today, Mark Zuckerberg announced the introduction of broadcast channels on Facebook and Messenger. This new feature is designed to enhance engagement for Page administrators, including creators and public figures.

Broadcast channels, like the WhatsApp Channels, facilitate one-to-many messaging, enabling direct communication with communities. Admins can leverage tools like polls to collect instant feedback, share behind-the-scenes content, and express authenticity through voice notes.

Operation of Broadcast Channels on Facebook and Messenger:

Page managers in regions where broadcast channels are live can initiate a channel from their Page. Others can join the waitlist for notifications about when this feature becomes accessible to them.

After creating a broadcast channel and sending the first message, Page followers will receive a one-time notification to join. The channel creator has the exclusive ability to send messages, while members can react and participate in polls.

Users can access broadcast channels from their favorite Page’s Facebook profile and view joined channels in their chat list. Notifications can be muted by tapping the “mute” icon on the channel thread’s top right corner.

Broadcast channels adhere to Facebook and Messenger’s Community Standards, ensuring a safe and inclusive environment. Users can report channels or specific content that violates these policies, and Facebook’s content review mechanisms help maintain compliance.

Unlike private messaging, broadcast channels are public and discoverable chat experiences. Tools and reviewers are in place to identify and remove content that contravenes Community Standards promptly.


The rollout of broadcast channels is currently in the testing phase, with availability expected in the coming weeks. Users on Facebook can join these channels to stay updated with their favorite Pages.