WhatsApp said to be working on third-party chats support

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WhatsApp is taking steps to comply with new EU rules by introducing chat interoperability, as reported by WABetaInfo. Recently, WhatsApp introduced multi-account support in beta for Android users.

The European Union has passed the Digital Markets Act (DMA), which imposes strict regulations on major tech companies, including the requirement for users to communicate across different apps.

Third-party chats support: WhatsApp beta for Android

As a prominent tech platform, WhatsApp falls under the DMA’s criteria and is actively working to adapt. Signs of their efforts to adhere to the new rules can be seen in the latest WhatsApp beta for Android update, where they have created a dedicated section for these regulations, although it’s not yet accessible to users.

WhatsApp has a 6-month window to align itself with these regulations and provide interoperability in the European Union. Interoperability will enable people from other messaging apps to contact WhatsApp users, even if they don’t have WhatsApp. While this broadens communication, it raises concerns about encryption.

Though technical details are scarce, it is suggested that WhatsApp could ensure end-to-end encryption is maintained in interoperable systems. Users may also have the option to opt out, as per Article 7 of the regulations.


Development of third-party chat support is currently underway and will be available in a future app update.