Pixel 8 promo video surfaces showing ‘Audio Magic Eraser’ feature

A few days ago, colors and storage options for the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro surfaced. Now, a new leak from an X (formerly Twitter) user named EZ has emerged.

EZ shared a short video that offers a look at the capabilities of the Pixel 8, including an interesting feature called Audio Magic Eraser.

Audio Magic Eraser

The leaked 14-second video showcases the Pixel 8 in action, the video demonstrates a person skateboarding and reveals a new feature named Audio Magic Eraser.

This feature seems to possess the ability to isolate and manipulate audio within a video – either enhancing it or completely removing it.

This year, Google has already exhibited its commitment to enhancing user experiences with various software upgrades.  The Magic Editor, alongside cosmetic changes like Emoji and Cinematic wallpapers, were notable highlights.

The Pixel 8 series seems to be continuing this trend by introducing new features, like the Audio Magic Eraser, into its lineup.

Design Insights

The leaked video also offers glimpses of the Pixel 8’s design. The smartphone showcases prominently rounded corners, emphasizing a sleek and modern appearance. Additionally, a new blue colorway is revealed at the video’s conclusion.

This shade of blue is reminiscent of the Pixel 7a’s Sea option, possibly a touch darker, and it matches the recent Pixel Buds A-Series. The camera bar, housing all three lenses in a pill-shaped cutout, is also briefly showcased.

We can expect the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro models, along with Google Pixel Watch 2 to make their debut in October, a mere two months away from now.