CMF by Nothing announced, smartwatch and earbuds coming later this year

In a Nothing Community Update video for Q2 2023, Nothing CEO & Co-Founder Carl Pei introduced CMF by Nothing, a new range of products that makes better design more accessible to a wider group of consumers.

This comes after ‘Particles by XO’ TWS earbuds from Nothing surfaced back in December last year. It is not clear if this has been removed to CMF by Nothing.

Nothing said that it is dedicated to making tech fun again and has proven its abilities to break boundaries in industrial design. The company believes it can make good design more democratic and impact more people.

Understanding that different consumers want different things, the company said that CMF by Nothing will serve to bridge the gap in the value segment with better quality products that offer clean and timeless design.

CMF by Nothing will first launch a smartwatch and earbuds later this year. It will reveal more details about these in the coming months.

Nothing CEO & Co-Founder Carl Pei, introducing the CMF by Nothing said:

Currently, when you look at the value segment within the technology sector, there just isn’t a lot to get excited about. Good quality seems like a false promise. So Nothing and CMF by Nothing are different brands but they share some similarities.

We’re a very design led organization, so that same level of high quality, high standard design is going to be seen in both Nothing and also CMF by Nothing.

And we’re also a very user experience led company, so we want the product to not just look good, but also work well. So that same attention to the user experience will also be felt across these two brands.

So What’s the difference between Nothing and CMF by Nothing then?

Nothing will keep focusing on design innovation, and we’re going to keep pushing boundaries there. Nothing products are going to be premium products with the highest end components and the best performance. And they will also feature the latest technology so you always get the latest and greatest with Nothing.

CMF by Nothing on the other hand, is going to be focused on clean and timeless design. It is going to be accessibly priced so that more people can get access to our ecosystem. And it’s going to feature quality that’s very hard to find in this price segment.

The Nothing community has given us feedback, that they want to see better design and better quality extended to more people, and we’re excited to finally be able to deliver.

CMF by Nothing is run by a separate team within Nothing, to ensure that there’s no disctraction from our main prodcuts.


Author: Srivatsan Sridhar

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