Microsoft Teams rebuilt — 2x faster, Smarter, Simpler UI

Microsoft has announced a significant update to its Teams app for Windows. According to Microsoft, the AI-powered apps are now twice as fast as before, while also using half as much memory and providing a more streamlined experience. The new Teams app’s speed and performance have been improved by optimizing its data, network, chat, and video architecture.

New Microsoft Teams UI Changes

The new Teams app has a new visual refresh, thanks to the company’s native materials such as Windows 11 Mica, whose translucency helps Teams blend into your workspace.

Furthermore, Microsoft has added significant Motion design and has adopted the all-new Fluent 2 UI, which provides a variety of benefits such as improved performance and accessibility.

The canvas color has been changed from grey to white, and the signature purple Teams color has been toned down to be more purposeful in its use. Additionally, Microsoft has made emoji more collaborative throughout Microsoft 365.

Later this year, new Teams backgrounds, group profile picture additions, and group theming will be released.

AI Powered Teams

The new Teams app makes use of the recently announced Microsoft Loop. You can now work directly on a Loop component within Teams chats without ever leaving the app.

The new Teams will be the foundation for next-generation AI experiences, including those we’ve previously announced, such as intelligent recap and Copilot for Microsoft Teams, said the company.

More Flexibility

To provide a seamless and consistent experience for users with organizations that span multiple tenants and accounts, the firm improved its authentication model, synchronization, and notification systems.

For example, rather than logging in and out of different tenants and accounts, you can now stay signed in across all of them, receiving notifications regardless of which one you are currently using.


Microsoft said that the general availability of new teams will occur later this year, in 2023. In the meantime, you can try the public preview of the new Teams for Windows application, which was released today.

Regarding the new Teams app, Microsoft said:

We have been listening to your feedback which has culminated in a reimagining of Teams from the ground up. The new app is built on a foundation of speed, performance, flexibility, and intelligence.

While we have already been making a steady stream of improvements in the existing Teams apps, the biggest breakthroughs will only be available with new Teams.