Fire-Boltt debuts its smartwatches in Singapore and Vietnam

Fire-Boltt, a homegrown smartwatch brand, announced its expansion into Southeast Asian markets today. The firm has debuted its top-selling smartwatches in the Singapore and Vietnam regions.

The move follows the firm’s UAE expansion last year and is part of FireBoltt’s international growth and expansion plans. Fire-Boltt has partnered with SmartechSG Private Limited to launch operations in Singapore and Vietnam as part of this expansion.

Initially, the company intended to sell its best-selling smartwatches, such as the Visionary, Invincible, Ring, and Talk 2, as well as watches from its Ninja Series, through e-commerce platforms in both markets. The company also promises to gradually expand its presence in those regions’ offline markets.

In an interview with the Economic Times, Fire-Boltt CEO Arnav Kishore stated that the company will begin exporting from its Indian manufacturing units in February. He also stated that this is possible because the company has the capacity to produce 100,000 units per day. Fire-Boltt also expects to be able to make up to 70,000 more units per day to ship overseas.

Having said that, the company still relies on China for 50% of its components, such as the display, battery, and PCB. Nonetheless, Fire-Boltt plans to expand to 13 countries in the first quarter of 2023, including parts of Europe and the United States.

Regarding the market expansion, Aayushi Kishore, Co-Founder, Fire-Boltt said,

We are thrilled to announce our expansion into the South Asian market. We have handpicked our top-selling products like Visionary, Invincible, etc., in line with the research we carried out in these markets. We have also carried out changes to the display screen, language availability, marketing messaging, and even packaging to be suitable for each of these markets.

Going by the phenomenal response we have received so far; we are encouraged to expand further in South East Asia and the APAC region. We are also working actively on consumer feedback for design principles from some of these markets to bring in the best for our customers in India and globally.

Regarding the announcement, Arnav Kishore, Founder, and CEO at Fire-Boltt said,

International expansion has always been one of the priorities of Fire-Boltt, especially now with the start of home-grown production under the “Make in India” initiative”. This is a proud moment for an Indian brand to be available in international markets to serve consumers across the globe.

The kind of response we have received from our customers is overwhelming which helps us work even more aggressively toward innovation and fulfilling the needs of the consumers. We look forward to achieving bigger milestones in the near future.