WhatsApp is working on Photo quality feature, rolls out Block shortcuts and Search for messages by date in beta

WhatsApp Voice Notes

WhatsApp, owned by Meta, recently introduced a beta version of Voice status updates for Android. Now, the company is focusing on developing new features such as Photo quality for a future update of the app, according to WABeta Info site.

Photo quality

The new feature that will allow users to send photos in their original quality. This feature will be included in a future update of the app. Currently, users have to choose between “automatic,” “best quality,” and “data saver” options for photo quality, but this new feature will provide more control over the quality of photos that are sent.

The WhatsApp beta for Android update reveals that the company is working on integrating a new setting icon within the drawing tool header, which will enable users to configure the quality of any photo. This feature is particularly useful in situations where sending the photo in its original quality is necessary.

Block shortcuts rolling out in Android beta

WhatsApp is providing an alternate way to block contacts, by introducing two new entry points. One of these entry points can be accessed from the chat list by opening the chat options, while the second entry point can be accessed from notifications and appears in specific situations when receiving a message from unknown contacts.

These new entry points make it more convenient for users to block contacts without opening their chat info, especially for those who receive many messages from people they don’t know or don’t want to talk to.

Search for messages by date rolling out in iOS beta

WhatsApp’s latest 23.1.75 update allows users to hide their online status and search for specific messages by jumping to a certain point in the conversation. Users have to enable the search mode in a conversation to use the new option if it’s available for their account.

This feature gives users more control over their chat history and the messages shared in the past. Additionally, users can now drag and drop to share images, videos, and documents from other apps to WhatsApp chats.

Regarding the availability of Block shortcuts on Android, Search for messages by date on iOS, these features are now rolling out to beta users, while the photo quality feature is still in early stages of development.

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