Making of Nokia N97 Exclusive behind the scenes Video

I just got an email from Nokia about an exclusive video which shows the making of the N97.

Its called The Making of the N97 – Designers Cut


The price of n97 is expected to be around Rs.35000

The handset was built with a “Global Team” with even some development happening in India

Read more for the video

Heres part of the email I received

The Making Of The N97: The Designers Cut

Welcome to the first exclusive news update from the Nokia N97 Members Club. In this edition we’ll be giving you a sneak preview on the brand new Nokia N97 film, featuring behind-the-scenes footage of the making of the device as it went from concept to completion.

With a single-minded focus on achieving a more personalized Internet experience for users, the film is a testament to the commitment and determination of the hundreds of Nokia employees, from China to Texas, involved in the development of the hotly anticipated new Nokia N97 mobile computer.

The film is much more than a product showreel; it’s a montage of footage, and interviews that demonstrate the testing, thinking, and tweaking behind Nokia’s

most advanced and most personalized Internet-enabled device. Featuring unseen interviews with Nokia designers from the core development team, the film charts the journey from design lab to production line.

Have a look at how the Nokia N97’s customizable home screen becomes a window into a personalized Internet experience, or the real-life examples of how its applications and services can keep users ‘always on’ with their social networks.

Uncover Nokia’s obsession with perfection which led the team to design the unique slide QWERTY keyboard and tilt screen, or the customizable 16:9 widescreen display, which is frequently updated with new content from live widgets and feeds.


Author: Varun Krish

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