WhatsApp update increases group chat size limit to 512 participants

WhatsApp has been working on a lot of features lately, such as the ability to edit messages, undo delete a message, silently exit a group and more. The company announced that they will be doubling the supported maximum number of participants in the group chat to 512 members, and now the update has begun rolling out.

Previously, WhatsApp only supported a maximum of 256 members in a group chat. This limit was low compared to some other instant messaging apps in the market. For example, Telegram currently supports up to 200,000 members in a group.

Now, WhatsApp has finally increased the limit to 512 members for a single group chat. The feature was being tested through a limited number of beta users, and is now rolling out to everyone. Once updated, users can see that the limit has been increased when they create a group. They can also invite members after the creation of the group.

To get the feature, just ensure to keep your WhatsApp updated from the Play Store, App Store or test flight. It will be available on WhatsApp for Android, iOS, and Desktop.