Verizon finally launching HTC Trophy on May 12th?

Windows Phone 7 was introduced by Microsoft last year, which is actually a successor to Windows Mobile 6.5. The OS is gradually growing and giving other operating systems are hard time. Big companies like Samsung, HTC and LG are offering WP7 devices, and Nokia will also launch WP7 powered devices soon. At the moment, HTC is leading the race and they are offering several WP7 devices.Microsoft told us last year that CDMA WP7 devices will come out in 2011, and Sprint is already offering one which is know as HTC Arrive. Well, we are hearing it from a long time now that Verizon Wireless will be launching their first WP7 device soon, but when? HTC Trophy was leaked with Verizon branding long time ago, and we also heard that it will hit Big Red in April, but still no sign of it. Now WPCentral is reporting that Verizon will finally and officially launch it on May 12th. Verizon employees are now getting training on WP7, and this news came from a Twitter user which is spotted by WPCentral.

Well, nothing is set on stone so before hitting your local Verizon store; hit FoneArena because we are always in-touch. Verizon is making it so late and I think they will finally launch it this month if not on May 12th. So anyone looking forward to Trophy or you already got your WP7 device from Sprint or AT&T?