YouTube Shorts gets Green Screen Remix feature

With the help of Shorts, YouTube has been taking on TikTok. The company has been consistently adding new and creative features  to attract creators. Now it has unveiled Green Screen, the latest option to remix with other eligible Shorts videos. The gradual rollout of the Green Screen feature has already started on the iOS YouTube app today, and the Android rollout will begin in the upcoming months.

This function is an extension of the previously existing remixing feature, which allows creators to use 1–5 second portions from any eligible YouTube video or Short. With the new Green Screen feature, makers will be able to utilize any qualified YouTube video or Short as the background for any original Short video they create, with both audio and video.

Any Green Screen video that’s remixed using other creators’ videos will be attributed back to the original creator’s source video via a link within the Shorts player. They can also utilize any photo or video from their own gallery providing a new avenue for your material to be discovered.

To utilize Green Screen, simply click Create > Green Screen from the options menu beneath the video you’re watching, or tap the 3-dot menu in the Shorts player and choose Green Screen. The maximum duration you can create is 60 seconds.