Netflix introduces Kids Top 10 rows and kids recap emails for parents

Netflix Kids is a great feature in the streaming platform that allows kids to enjoy curated age-appropriate content that parents don’t need to worry about. The feature is getting two new updates that will provide parents with more information about their child’s streaming habits and a new top 10 row to help kids choose what to watch on Netflix.

The first update is a bi-weekly kids recap email that will be sent to parents from Netflix, which will contain information about their child’s preferences and tastes. These include:

  • Recommendations based on your child’s favorite shows and movies;
  • Printable coloring sheets and activities inspired by your kid’s favorite characters;
  • Top themes or topics charts that show the types of programs your child enjoys most (i.e. science, friendship)
  • Tips for how to use our Kids features on Netflix.

The second update is the introduction of the Kids Top 10 rows, which will showcase the most popular children’s content in the subscriber’s country. Having this information available to a subscriber makes it much easier to discover and explore that various kid-friendly content on the platform.

Both updates will be rolling out to Netflix subscribers worldwide now.