Google introduces Entertainment Space, a one-stop place for all media, Games and books on your tablet

Google is introducing a new app that will vastly improve the Android tablet called Entertainment Space. Similar to how Kids Space is a mode designed for children on Android tablets, Entertainment Space is a one-stop place on Android tablets where users can find all their movies, shows, videos, Games and books.

The app is split into three tabs – Watch, Games and Read.

In the Watch Tab, users can sign in to their subscription streaming apps and surf through content all in one place. It has Google TV integrated, which will show users movies and TV shows that they can watch, rent or buy. Users can resume watching content from the Continue Watching row and the recommendation rows will show personalized content from various streaming platforms including Google TV, Twitch and Hulu.

In the Games tab, users can see all their installed games, resume playing them through continue playing row and also explore new games in the recommended row. A neat feature that Google added is the Instant Play, which allows users to try out a game without installing it.

The Read tab is where all the books and audiobooks from Google Play Books can be found. Users can also access free previews before purchasing a book, and get recommendations based on what’s trending and what meets the user’s tastes.

Entertainment Space will first be available on Walmart onn. tablets and will later arrive to select tablets from Lenovo, Sharp and more.