WhatsApp makes it easier to add new sticker packs with Deep Link support, introduces ‘Vaccines for All’ Sticker Pack

In WhatsApp, Stickers are a fun way to express yourself in creative ways with your friends and family. The instant messaging app is now introducing an easier way to add new sticker packs, with a feature called Deep Links. Along with this, WhatsApp also released a new ‘Vaccines for All’ sticker pack to let users express their many feelings about the COVID-19 vaccine.

WhatsApp was previously testing support for deep links for a while now in their beta apps, and now has been rolled out globally to the stable version of the app on both Android and iOS. It not only provides users with an alternate way of installing sticker packs, but it also gives users access to regional stickers packs that would otherwise only be available in certain regions.

For example, there are now deep links to add the “Poci The Bolster Spirit” sticker pack from Indonesia and the “Malvibrosio & Deledina” sticker pack from Mexico.

For the ‘Vaccine for all’ sticker pack, WhatsApp collaborated with the World Health Organization (WHO) in an effort to give their users a fun and creative way to connect and express their feelings as the COVID-19 vaccine rolls out globally. The Sticker pack can be installed either from WhatsApp Sticker Store or can be added to your sticker library by clicking here. Please note, these deep links will only work if they are accessed through an Android or iOS smartphone.