Dropbox is bringing Password manager to free users

Dropbox, a popular cloud storage service has announced that their password manager service called Dropbox Passwords will be made available to all free users. The service originally launched for Dropbox Plus and Dropbox Professional users, and will be included in the free Dropbox Basic plan in April’21.

Dropbox Passwords has a clean interface that is similar to its primary cloud storage service, and it uses zero-knowledge encryption which ensures only the user has access to their passwords. It is supported across multiple different platforms, giving users the convenience of not having to remember all their passwords to all their accounts.

Dropbox Passwords will contain most of the basic features which include the following:

  • Ability to store up to 50 passwords in one secure place.
  • Access these passwords anywhere with automatic syncing on up to three devices.
  • Securely share any password with anyone (Will not be available in April 2021, instead it will come later)

If these features aren’t enough, users can always upgrade to a paid plan that starts at $9.99 a month, offering up to 2TB of cloud storage along with other premium features.

Dropbox Passwords will become available to Dropbox Basic Plan users in April 2021.