Nokia announces 3 new phone 6131,6136 and 6070

Today in Barcelona Nokia presented their latest, Nokia 6131, Nokia 6136 and Nokia 6070.

Today in Barcelona Nokia presented their latest, Nokia 6131, Nokia 6136 and Nokia 6070.
nokia 3gsmThe 6131 EDGE clamshell has a large internal QVGA display with 16 million colors. The external display has 262K colors. The quad-band device features FM radio tuner, 1.3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth support and microSD slot. Nokia 6131 also has Visual Radio support.The expected price of Nokia 6131 is around 275 EUR.

The Nokia 6136 is a quad-band UMA-enabled device. UMA technology (Unlicensed Mobile Access) goes for combining GSM and WLAN technologies. Nokia 6136 is the second UMA-enabled phone, after the N80 model. The phone also has a 262K colors display, microSD slot,1.3 megapixel camera and FM radio tuner. The radio has Visual Radio support. Nokia 6136 has a new DARP (Downlink Advanced Receiver Performance) radio receiver for improved voice quality and higher data transfer. The initial customer for the 6136 model will be Orange company.

The 6070 model also has EDGE technology and multimedia features like FM radio tuner and camera. It has the Nokia Series 40 user interface. This phone is tri-band and is expected to go for around 135 EUR.

Nokia 6131, Nokia 6136 and Nokia 6070 phones are all expected to be available in Q2 2006.

Nokia press release

Internet calls on a Nokia phone made possible with the first Nokia UMA network solution

3GSM World Congress 2006, Barcelona, Spain/Espoo, Finland – Today, at the 3GSM World Congress, Nokia unveiled three new devices; introduced its first UMA network solution; announced collaboration with Vodafone aimed at increasing usage of the S60 platform; launched additional frequency variants for the Nokia Flexi WCDMA Base Station; and announced a new cooperation agreement on DVB-H interoperability.

Nokia unveiled the Nokia 6131 and Nokia 6070 mid-range GSM camera phones, as well as the Nokia 6136 Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA) device. The Nokia 6131 comes in a folding design and offers a 1.3 megapixel camera, while the Nokia 6070 comes in a classical form and offers basic camera phone capabilities at an affordable price point.

The Nokia 6136 UMA device, which can switch seamlessly between GSM and WLAN networks, offers users more reliable connectivity in homes or offices with poor cellular coverage. Nokia also launched a UMA network solution that enables operators to deliver cellular and data services to subscribers over WLAN access networks, thereby increasing mobile service availability. With both UMA network equipment and a UMA capable handset, Nokia is able to provide a complete end-to-end UMA offering.

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