Instagram introduces tools to help fight against body image issues

With all of the good that social media has brought to society, there are arguably many negatives too. One of these problems it has created is the prevalence of people with body image issues and eating disorders. To help fight against these issues, Instagram is introducing new resources and tools in their app.

At the moment, Instagram will blur potentially triggering images when users share or search for self-harm content. Now, Instagram will begin showing dedicated resources specific to eating disorders or body image issues, which include contacts for local eating disorders hotlines in certain countries, along with advice from National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA), USA, on how to build body confidence.

When someone searches for any term related to these issues, the resources will be shown before the search results, and when users try sharing this content, these resources will show up. Instagram will also be adding a direct shortcut to message a friend on Instagram from these resources.

Lastly, Instagram is working with leaders in the community, such as @mikzazon, @jamesissmiling and @kendramorous, to share content and reels that promote body positivity and push back against weight stigma and harmful stereotypes.

While these changes may not completely solve the issue, it is certainly a step in the right direction towards creating a more inclusive, positive, and happy society.

To view the resources that Instagram has to offer, click  here.