Nokia Flagship Store in Chicago

I had a chance to visit the Nokia Flagship store in Chicago last year.

There are only 2 such stores in all of the USA – Chicago and New York City.

If you are a die hard fan of Nokia, then you MUST visit this place if you happen to visit any of the two cities.

The ambiance is just brilliant ! Its like a jewelery shop with all the diamonds in glass casings. Here the diamonds are Nokia Mobile phones .. You can find several colors of the same popular model on display. And the best part is that the phones work and you are allowed to use them.

Courteous and friendly Nokia staff help and guide you to check all the handsets. I showed my E71 and N82 (my digicam) to an attendant and he was surprised and asked me if I was crazy about Nokia handsets

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I got a chance to play with the Nokia N96 and 5800 in this store even before they was released in the market.I could even test the 3G network on AT&T.I also tested the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet

The Best part was seeing these diamond studded Vertu Luxury phones .. There was a section towards the end of the store which had these phones on display .

Recession might have an impact on such stores and I heard from from a friend that this store might be closing down soon.

Its interesting to see such stores open up in India too .. There is a Concept Store in Chennai

Author: Varun Krish

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