Gmail App on Nokia E71 – Video Review

Most of us would know about Gmail app for mobile phones.. It came out first as a java application but works smoothly on most phones

The app has evolved a lot over time.

Interesting features in the current version of the application include

  • Multi Account support – you can use the single installation to access gmail and ur google apps for domains email.
  • New Basic Offline feature which lets you read your recent email offline
  • Offline Drafts – Save email as mobile drafts even if you loose connectivity
  • Access contacts with autocomplete
  • Jump to Gmail labels
  • Search email
  • Loads of short cuts
  • View attachments including photos , word and pdf files

Well its one of the applications you MUST have if you are a Gmail user ..

Rita has a video review of the app in action on the Nokia E71

Some things we don’t like in the app are

  • Can’t view password protected attachments
  • Slow
  • Cant change from address when composing an email which is possible in web version.
  • No bandwidth usage indicator .. Google Maps has it .. why not Gmail ?
  • No background alerts

Author: Varun Krish

Varun Krish is a Mobile Technology Enthusiast and has been blogging about mobile phones since 2005. His current phones include the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge , Apple iPhone 6S Plus & Nexus 5X. You can follow him on Twitter @varunkrish and on Google+ You can also mail Varun Krish