Just5 CP11 Review

Last month at the Mobile World Congress we got to check out a wide variety of cellphones. With the latest cutting edge specifications , these devices are no longer just phones. Indeed smartphones have become an integral part of life to check on emails , keep a tab on appointments , to consume media and even produce it. In the midst of all this innovation was one product which completely stood out. It lacked a high end camera , did not play music , didn’t even have a user editable calendar. What it did have however was the promise of ease of use for the technologically challenged. The Just5 CP11 is targeted towards Seniors for whom the primary purpose is to make a phone call or send an SMS. The CP11 excels at those and more. Is the phone easy to use ? Find out in our review below.

Large tactile buttons make dialing a breeze and even a pleasure. Your grandparents will never have a problem in typing out a message or a number on this keypad. The integrated flashlight definitely comes in use quite a bit.
The added advantage that it works even when the phone is switched off is an appreciated addition. The hardware unlock slider is useful for those who don’t like to fiddle with unlock combinations. An in device thermometer shows room temperature on the screen.
The highlight of the phone is its large keypad and 2.2inch screen which slides out from the body panel. By default you can see half the screen which is sufficient to view numbers.To type out a message or view more details you can just click the orange buttons on the sides of the phone which slide up the screen. Indeed the sliding mechanism is solid and just makes you want to keep playing around with it ! The build quality of the phone is great and it feels like it could take a beating.
We tested out the battery life over a few weeks of normal usage and it easily lasted us over a week on standby with  a few minutes of phone calls everyday. The screen fonts are large and easy to view. Sadly the font size is not user adjustable. The phone lacks much functionality in software terms being an entry level device. You do not get any included games however there is an alarm clock , a calculator and a view only calendar. You do however get a to-do lists app on the phone.
The UI has been logically laid out and will not pose a problem to even the most technologically inept. Overall we would definitely recommend this for people who need a spare phone to keep in the backpack or one to gift to their grandparents. It would also make a nice starter phone for children who need just the essentials. The CP11 lacks any form of data connectivity so you can rule out web surfing. It supports the GSM850/1900 bands so should work almost anywhere. The phone also comes with a panic button which lets you message and call upto 5 people in case of emergency.We appreciated the addition of the feature but feel that the rather large button on the back of the device can be pressed accidently a bit too often.
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The Just5 has great battery life and works as advertised. It is the perfect phone for seniors and those looking for a backup device. It stands above the competition in terms of build quality but has been priced above the competition too. The company plans to enter the Indian market soon and we can’t wait to see what kind of pricing they manage here to be competitive with homegrown brands and the juggernaut that Nokia is.
1. Large tactile buttons
2. Sliding screen looks great and protects it too.
3. FM Radio works without headphones
4. Integrated Flashlight
5. Good build quality
1. Expensive
2. Could be a bit slimmer

Author: Dhruv Bhutani

Your friendly neighborhood techie. Currently using a Pixel 2 XL. Catch him on Twitter (@DhruvBhutani) / Facebook .