Google One introduces VPN feature for 2TB plans and higher

One of the best ways to keep your secure your identity online is to invest in a VPN. There are many options available to choose from, such as Private Internet Access, ExpressVPN, Nord VPN, etc. Joining this list is Google’s own VPN service, which will come as part of their Google One subscription, specifically for the 2TB plans and higher.

The VPN service is directly available on the Google One app, and it can be turned on with just a click. It will encrypt all of your phone’s online traffic, for all apps and browsers. The VPN will also be available for family members who are part of the 2 TB Google One plan for no extra cost.

Another service that Google announced is the Pro Sessions for VPN support, where users can schedule one-on-one online sessions with a Google expert to learn more about VPNs and how to stay safer online.

VPN by Google One will be rolling out in the coming weeks to all Android customers of the Google One in the US, while support for iOS, Windows and Mac in more countries is expected to arrive soon.