Snapchat rolls out Headspace Mini app with 6 meditation sessions

During the Snap Partner Summit 2020, Snapchat revealed a bunch of new updates and features that were coming to their platform and among them were small third-party apps that run inside Snapchat, called Minis. Snapchat is now rolling out 4 new Mini apps this week, including – Headspace Mini, Let’s Do It, Prediction Master and Flashcards.

Headspace is a healthcare company that offers special services for meditation and sleep improvement. The app was developed using research data collected by Snapchat that concluded that many of their users faced challenges and feelings of anxiety, depression, stress, etc. Keeping this in mind, the Headspace Mini puts resources front and centre along with several other meditation services.

Currently, the Headspace Mini offers six different meditation sessions, including themes like “Just Breathe,” “Get Out of a Funk,” “Kick the Panic,” “Be Nice to You,” “Pressure to Succeed,” and “Me Time”. Each session is about 3 to 4 minutes long.

To access Headspace Mini in Snapchat, users can click on the Here for You vertical section or simply type the word “Headspace” in the search bar to find it. Users can also meditate with their friends by clicking on the rocket icon in Chat.

Snapchat is available for download in the Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS.