Download Youtube Official App now for you Symbian S60 Phone

You can now download the Youtube app for your Symbian S60 phones

Clinton from ZomgItsCJ tried the app on his E75 and I tested it on my E71 which is S60 3rd Edition FP3

We put together a video demo of the right from the app installation to playing a couple of videos including Jai Ho from SlumDog Millionaire ( The Pussycat dolls version ) in which the Nokia 5800 was spotted

The App comes as a cool native sisx download

The UI is very simple and the menu options are straight forward ..

The color theme is very similar to the youtube website

Interesting Features

  • Video Streaming
  • Use Wifi / Gprs / EDGE
  • Video Search

And no official announcement from google yet .. expect it soon.

And if you pay for data watch out ! dont blame us if your mobile bill sky rockets ! Act responsibly

And incase you want to see the  jai ho video on large screen

via CJ

Author: Varun Krish

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