HiFuture Flybuds Review

HiFuture launched the Flybuds, the company’s latest wireless earbuds recently. It features Bluetooth 5.0, has touch controls, and promises over 4 hours of playback. After using it for a few weeks, here is the review of HiFuture Flybuds.


The HiFuture Flybuds features a minimal clean design, which looks more like Apple Airpods. The Flybuds comes with a case which is made up of plastic, due to which it is lightweight. 

However, the quality of the case could have been better since the shiny body is prone to scratches. With the case, the total weight of the package is about 45.4 grams. 

Although the fit of earbuds in one’s ears is subjective, the FlyBuds Pro offered a secure and comfortable fit during our testing. Since it has in-ear buds, it doesn’t fall off easily during workouts or even when running. I have been using this for my runs without any issues. Overall the build quality is good but could have been better.

Sound quality

Coming to the audio quality, these earbuds offer reasonably good sound quality with a decent amount of bass with the 6mm Neodymium drivers. The vocals were clear, and we did not face any distortion at peak volumes. We were quite impressed with the sound quality. It features an RTL8763B chipset with support for Bluetooth 5.0. 

It claims to have an operating range of 10 meters, stereo audio, touch sensor, a frequency response of 50Hz to 20KHz, and a speaker impedance of 32 ohms. 

The volume was good too. The earbuds can be controlled via intuitive touchpad built-in both earbuds, which enable controls for music, and calls.

Overall the audio quality is better than expected in most conditions. We did not face any issues in connection or pairing. The headset has a microphone that is decent in the most crowded and noisy environment, but it could have been better.

Connecting and pairing

The Bluetooth headset supports Bluetooth 5.0, so you can connect it to Android, iOS devices along with MP3 players with Bluetooth support. It pairs to your phone quickly when you remove them from the case. It shows both the left and right earphones, and once you pair the right, the left one automatically connects to it. 

After the left earphone connects, on the right headset, you hear ‘pairing’ and the LED indicator flashes. You have to select the HiFuture Flybuds from the Bluetooth menu on the phone to pair the headphones. You get voice feedback when it enters pairing mode and when it connects successfully.


The Flybuds packs a 500mAh battery, and the company promise 4 hours of music playback on a single charge. In our testing, the Flybuds lasted somewhere around 3 hours 45 minutes. With the charging case, you can extend up to 20 hours of playback time. The case can be charged through the USB Type-C port, and it takes about 2 hours to charge from 0 to 100%.


Priced at Rs. 2499, the HiFuture Flybuds is a decent Bluetooth headset with an attractive design, good audio quality, fair battery life, and IPX5 ratings for water resistance. It is available on  Amazon.in and Flipkart in Flamingo Pink, Matte Black, Mint Green and Pearl White.


  • Decent pricing
  • Good audio quality
  • USB Type-C charging port


  • Battery life
  • Build quality