Olive Telecom to launch first HSPA+ Phone in India

Olive Telecom , makers of the Olive Pad and most popular for AA cell powered FrvrOn is planning to launch India’s first HSPA+ Phone on Feb 9 th in Delhi. The company has sent us an invite for the launch and looks like Aircel and Qualcomm are launch partners. What could it be ?

The company had promised an Android smartphone some time ago and looks like this device might pretty much run on Android. It will be powered by a Qualcomm chip mostly. Aircel has not yet launched 3G services in India and it’s strange they are part of a HSPA+ phone launch. Might be Aircel might show a peek into their HSPA+ Network ?

Ok Whats HSPA+ ?  Its Evolved High Speed Packet Access or a really high speed version of 3G and some brands try to call it 4G like T-Mobile USA . The T-Mobile G2 supports such networks.

Lets wait for Feb9th for the complete news !

Author: Varun Krish

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