Shopping on your smartphone with Google Search now easier with new update

Google Search has now received an update that enables a faster and easier shopping experience for users. Users who wish to shop for clothes, shoes and accessories can Google Search to see these items from across the web and different stores all in one place on Search on your mobile device.

With the new update, users can simply search for terms like “running shoes”,“womens leather belt” or “wide leg pants. Google will identify popular products related to the search term, and put them all together in a new section on Search. Users will have the option of filtering products by style, department and size type, along with the option of seeing multiple images of a product. There will be a direct link to the store page if the user wishes to learn more about the product.

The feature is designed to be a one stop location when shopping for these items, pulling in results from multiple stores across the web. Reviews for these products will also be readily available with scroll down from the product page. By indexing and organising millions of stores, Google has made it easier for users to find the product they are looking for on the web.