Google announces Scheduled Actions, household notes, and more for the Assistant at CES 2020

Google is bringing a bunch of new updates to the Google Assistant today at CES 2020 that will be coming to everyone later this year. This includes features like Scheduled Actions, a central place for sticky notes, interpreter mode for businesses and support for the Assistant on more devices.

Scheduled Actions will be coming sometime later this year and will let users direct the Assistant to turn on/off or start/stop a compatible smart device at the time of your choosing. Lets say for example, you want to turn on your lights at 6pm in the evening. You will be able to simply ask the Assistant to, “Turn on the lights at 6pm” and Google will essentially carry out the required task at the mentioned time.

Google is expanding this capability with partnerships with various smart home device companies like August Smart Locks, Philips Hue HDMI Sync Box, Telus Wi-Fi Hub routers, GE Appliances Ultrafresh Front Load Washer, etc.

The second feature that Google announced is aimed at better organising you important information that you want to keep at your fingertips in your house. It is called household notes and is designed to be used with the Assistant on your Smart Display. It gives users a centralised location to keep all your notes. You can use them pass on information to someone else in household for a later time or you can, for example, keep important contacts on speed dial that will allow users to quickly make calls to that person.

Another cool feature that Google is bringing showcasing at CES today but does not have a launch date, is a type of webpage reader of long form content. Simply put, if you have, lets say, a news article or blog, you can ask, “Hey Google, read it” and the Assistant will read content out loud for you. You can even ask Google to translate content in a different language with support up to 42 languages at the moment.

Google is also releasing interpreter mode to businesses through their partners Volara and SONIFI. Interpreter mode is a feature where the Assistant will real time translate free flowing conversations between people through their phone, Smart Display or smart speaker.