Complete Guide to MNP Offers in India

We told you that Mobile Number Portability aka MNP has gone live in India today and we have compiled a list of offers from all major mobile operators.


BSNL waives off Port-in charges, Also they are giving away 32K SIM free of cost. In case of specific demand for other SIMs, actual SIM price will be charged.


a) At the time of activation of all port-in customers, additional talk value of Rs.100 will be offered in addition to the normal free talk value available with FRC.
b) All port-in customers will be offered 5 GB GPRS for one month free of charge.


a) 50% rebate in the FMC of first month after port in.
b) 5GB GPRS will be free of charge for one month. Free GPRS/DATA usage associated with FMC shall not available for one month.
c) Freebies attached with the plan will remain same.
d) Where ever, the data usage offered with existing plans is more than the data usage offered, the higher data usages already offered will prevail.

For all Telecom Circles except Haryana the above tariff will be implemented with effect from the date of implementation of MNP. In respect of Haryana Telecom Circle, the above tariff will be effective from 01.02.2011.


MTNL too waives off Port-in charges. Rs.19 ie the activation cost. And free talk time and unlimited GPRS will be offered with 3G SIM card for customers switching from “Port IN” to MTNL.

Prepaid Offer

  • MNP Porting charges- Nil
  • Pay only Rs.10 and get Free 3G SIM with lots of benefits.
  • Free Talk time of Rs.91
  • Per Second Plan ( MTNL network – 1p/2 sec, Other Local & STD – 1p/sec) ,
  • Lifetime validity , Mobile internet at 1p/10KB


  • Free 100 Min Voice call on Local MTNL, for 30 days
  • Free 100 min video calls on Local MTNL, for 30 days
  • Free 200 MB Data download, for 30 days.
  • Free 10000 SMS on Local MTNL, for 30 days

Postpaid Offer

a)MNP Porting charges – Nil
b)Activation charges – Nil
c)Free 3G activation.
d)25% discount on rental for any plan for first 3 months.
e)Free 100 min video calls on Local MTNL, for 1 month
f)50 MB/Month data usage free for first 4 months.
g)500 Local/National SMS free, for 1 month
h)Local/STD/ISD Security Deposit Payable as applicable


No update on Reliance tariff plans, do keep an eye on that link : Reliance-MNP

Tata Docomo

Tata Docomo will offer additional talktime on recharge vouchers of Rs.100, Rs.200, Rs.300 and Rs.400. Along with that, you will get 100 MB data free per month for 6 months. To learn more, head over to this page.


Vodafone are not waiving off the port in charges though,  and their tariff page shows only the tariff for Haryana region, we are guessing that those plan will apply all over India.


  • MRP 19 pack: all local & STD calls @1p/sec for one year.
  • Local calls @1 and STD @1.50
  • STD @ Rs1.50/min
  • initial Talktime Rs. 5
  • Validity Lifetime


  • Talk 250 New
  • FV 299
  • FV 300

For complete details on the postpaid plans, head over to this page .


No update on Idea tariff plans, do keep an eye on that link : Idea-MNP

Will keep you updated as and when the plans are updated.


No update on Airtel tariff plans, do keep an eye on that link : Airtel-MNP

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