Twitter makes it easier to report tweets that share personal information

Twitter is adding an option to report problematic tweets that share personal information on the platform. From now on, while reporting, the user will be redirected to the menu that allows them to be more specific and highlight the information.

The company shared this through a tweet on their official page, “We want to move faster in reviewing reported Tweets that share personal information. Starting today, you’ll be able to tell us more about the Tweet you are reporting.”

In addition to it, there is a report button, which enables users to report tweets they feel are violated. Previously, the company has been criticised for failing to respond to reports in time. One such issue is doxxing.

For the uninitiated, the act of doxxing includes revealing someone’s personal information to the Internet without consent from a particular person. This could result in harassment both online and offline. While the microblogging platform still struggles to find a balance between the right to free speech and harassment, it is a positive sign that the company rolling out new tools to curb it.