Uber Eats ‘Delivery Partner Safety Toolkit’ in-app safety features launched in India

Uber Eats has launched “Delivery Partner Safety Toolkit,” which is a comprehensive set of in-app safety features for its delivery partners in India. This is aimed at making every delivery trip a seamless and safer experience. The features include benefits of ridesharing such as tracking every trip with GPS while delivering using the Uber Eats app, as well as an emergency button.

Delivery Partner Safety Toolkit features include new safety controls that allow delivery partners to more easily Share Trip and customize their trip sharing preferences. The trusted contacts feature is where you can pre-load up to five contacts whom you would like to share your whereabouts with regularly. There is also a new emergency button for delivery partners which is an option to connect directly to law enforcement through the app in event of an unwanted emergency.

The speed alert feature alerts the delivery partners when they exceed the posted speed. All these features will be a part of a larger Safety Toolkit in the app, giving delivery partners access to all possible protective and preventive measures.

Bhavik Rathod, Head of Uber Eats, India, said:

At Uber Eats, delivery partners are at the heart of our business.  Since our launch in India, safety has been one of our top priorities. With the aim to reiterate our commitment to the safety of all our delivery partners, we’ve updated features within the app to make every trip safer and more reliable. The rollout of this toolkit is the next step in ensuring we’re helping all the delivery partners stay connected and safe. 

We understand that our delivery partners work hard to serve the users of the Uber Eats app. We want delivery partners to have sustainable earning opportunities along with the peace of mind when they use Uber Eats and hope these new features make it clear that we’ve got their back.