Google Fit update brings improved activity logging, breathing exercise and more

Google Fit Google redesigned Fit earlier this year, and now the company is pushing an update with more features right in time for holidays. This new update is aimed at making it easier to achieve your health goals. You can now see your progress at a glance on your Android home screen with new Google Fit widgets.

Pin the widget to the home screen to instantly check your Heart Points, Move Minutes and other daily stats. Google Fit now features your last workout on the home screen. When manually logging a workout in the journal, you’ll also have the option to adjust your activity intensity and get awarded more accurate Heart Points for it.

On Wear OS which is renamed from Android Wear, Google Fit will now guide you through a breathing exercise to help you unwind and relax. Google will be rolling out these updates on your Android phone or Wear OS by Google watch later this week.