600,000 Galaxy Tabs sold in one month

iPad is for sure one of the best tablets of all times, and it has seen record sales. A lot of companies are working on tablets, and their main reason is to compete with iPad, but most of them failed. Samsung Galaxy Tab is known as the best tablet after the iPad, and it’s running on Android OS. Samsung has announced that more than 600,000 Samsung Galaxy Tab have been sold in only one month after the launch, where Apple sold more than 1 Million iPad in just 28 days, and 2 Million in only 60 days after the launch of it. Samsung is expecting to hit 1 Million sales mark by the end of this year. Samsung also reported that in some markets, the demand of Samsung Galaxy Tab is very high and it’s hard for them to keep up with it. In just 10 days, Samsung has sold more than 30,000 Galaxy Tab in their home town South Korea. Well, it looks like the Samsung Galaxy Tab has a lot of potential. So who’s going to buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab? If you are planning to buy then don’t forget to read our review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab.