Google Wear OS 2.1 with new design, more gestures, proactive Assistant rolling out

As promised, Google is rolling out Wear OS 2.1 and this brings a redesign of the OS making everything more accessible, notifications won’t take up your entire screen, swiping left on the main screen takes you to Google Assistant, and swiping right displays health data. And, changes to quick settings.

It also brings new shortcuts to Google Pay and Find My Phone by swiping down.  Wear OS 2.1 makes it easier to browse, dismiss or reply to notifications with the new notification stream; you can simply swipe up to see all your notifications at once.

This redesign now lets you receive proactive and personalized help from your Google Assistant.  Google Assistant will help you stay ahead by reminding you to bring an umbrella, showing you your day’s meetings, or warning you if there is a delay on your commute. However, the update isn’t widespread at the moment, as it is rolling out in batches and might be a while before it reaches everyone.

Google says any watch that received Android Wear 2.0 should get the Wear OS 2.1 new interface.