Google Pixel Stand wireless charging accessory for Pixel 3 surfaces

Pixel Stand

Given the number of leaks, rumors, and reports in the past few weeks, we already know pretty everything that is there to know about the upcoming Pixel series flagships. It is also rumored that Google might be launching an accessory called ‘Pixel Stand‘ which is a charging accessory for Pixel 3. 

The tear down of the latest version of the Google app reveals a possible first look at the Pixel Stand. A brief animation within the app is currently hidden shows off a phone on a dock going through a slideshow of pictures. While it doesn’t exactly show all the details about the product, it does give brief details.


The dock will likely work when the phone is in portrait orientation; lining up with the earlier leaks. The animation further reveals that it will also include some sort of slideshow function; similar to Google Photos “Photo Frame” functionality on smart displays. Another animation in another version of the Google app teases a notification functionality. It shows messages, alarms, calendar notifications, and music. However, the exact functionality is still a mystery.

Google is all set to unveil its Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones on October 9th.