Google might be testing Color Pop, manual bokeh effects in Google Photos

Google Photos

Google might be testing new Color Pop, along with manual bokeh effects.  as some users are reporting to have gotten the new editing tools The Color Pop keeps the focus of the photo in color and desaturates the rest of the shot. The manual bokeh lets you do something similar by blurring the background instead of desaturated.

It also lets you tap to change the focus and adjust the strength of the blur effect. Google is probably testing these features together because the underlying processing is similar. Photos will have to know the difference between the subject and background.

This feature will only work with regular photos, not those taken with depth effects enabled. Since it is in the early stages of testing, the feature is currently buggy; the Color Pop seems particularly rough. This means that there might a lot of work that needs to be done before these features roll out widely to everyone.

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