Google details enterprise additions to Android P; Tasks gets support for account switching

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Google back at the I/O event unveiled the Android P; next major upgrade, and today the company in a blog post has detailed the enterprise additions to Android P. If you notice clearly, Google has been giving a lot of importance to enterprise features and in Android P the biggest change is how users interact with the work profile.

Google Android P work profile

In Android P; work apps will have their own tab in the launcher and the app icons related to work will have a blue briefcase badge matching with rest of the modern design patterns. There’s also a switch to turn off work mode including all the apps and their notifications right inside the work tab that you can enable when it is time to call it a day.

Android P also enables developers to include a seamless switching between work and personal accounts within their apps eliminating the need for going back to the app launcher. This feature is now available on Google’s Tasks app and support for other Google apps coming soon. Google is also bringing Android for Work users that lets you set up multiple profiles making it simpler to sign out.

Google Tasks

The company is also improving its kiosk mode in Android P; before, IT admins were restricted to locking only one app to a device. Now in Android P, admins can lock multiple apps and quickly switch between them with a dedicated launcher.

Finally, Google is also making changes to Android P enterprise security that needs like the ability for IT administrators to require different PINs and timeout rules for the personal and work profiles, additional policies to prevent data sharing across work and personal profiles, and new APIs that work with keys and certificates to securely identify devices accessing corporate resources.