Nokia N8 costs $187 to make might be using Samsung AMOLED Display

Nokia N8 costs around $560 in India and it takes Nokia about $187 to make. The Nokia N8 hardware were supplied by Samsung Electronics Co., Toshiba Corp. and Texas Instruments Inc.  California-based iSuppli have torn down the Nokia N8 and he revealed the specs of N8 hardware.

The most expensive element of the N8 is the display and touchscreen, which cost $39.25. The chipset used to run the operating system and applications in the N8 cost $22.It includes digital and analog processors made by Texas Instruments and a Broadcom Corp. multimedia processor with support for the HDMI port for high- definition TV output. Memory components, including 16 gigabytes of mass storage, cost $37.12. The cost of the camera elements added $31.08.

P.S: The estimate doesn’t include costs for items such as labor, shipping, advertising, software development or patent licensing.