Google now lets you book hotels and flights from search results

Google just made it easier to book hotels and flights right from the search results. It helps users explore more options and make the booking right from your smartphone’s search results. It also sorts the hotel searches with better price filtering, easier-to-find amenity information and more. 

Google is rolling the update to flights as well, for suppose if you search for a flight in Google Flights, you can swipe right to access “Hotels” at the top of the page. This also lets you easily click over to check hotel availability and prices in your destination city for the dates you’ve already selected. This also works the same way when you search for hotels as well.

For flights as well, Google will now let you check prices, fare options, and easily book your flight when you’re ready. It will return same results when you want to learn about a specific place, or when searching for things to do there. Clicking on the ‘More destinations’ in the top left will show search results of other destinations, weekend getaways and trips you might be interested in.

Google is also including a feature called ‘Your Trips’ that helps you see all your upcoming and past travel reservations from Gmail at a glance. These results are private, and only you can see this information. However, you can email the details like trip reservations to friends or family right from Your Trips app, and also make edits and access them directly offline. This feature will also let you connect with travel companies to get you the needed guidance.