Samsung bringing a dual-display phone to Verizon

Samsung is bringing a new Galaxy S member to Verizon Wireless, and the codename of the phone is Samsung I-400. As we can see Verizon branding on the phone, so it’s confirm that it’s coming to Verizon in few months. Samsung I-400 a.k.a Continuum features dual display, as you can see in the image below, you will see a little display under the buttons. We can also see Bing Search engine and TouchWiz 3.0, and it’s rumored that the phone is running Android 2.1. I hope we’ll see the device during the holiday time. So what’s the secondary OLED display for? The second display is know as Ticker, and it’s show you date & time,  notifications and RSS updates, and weather. The Ticker automatically turns on when you grasp the phone from bottom. There is a dedicated camera button on the site, and also a microSD card slot. Anyone looking forward to it?

via Engadget