Google uses Machine learning for price tracking and deals on Flights, Trips and hotel search

Google Flight Search Machine Learning

Just in time for the holidays season, Google has added a bunch of new features to its services like Flights, Trips and Hotel search. The company uses Machine learning for price tracking and deals and has also added new discounts feature. 

The company uses its machine learning and statistical analysis  technique to analyze and suggest users when is the right time to book tickets and it will now show tip which would say “prices are less than normal” and if the prices of flight tickets from the date place you’re searching for tend to remain the same another tip “won’t drop further” will be displayed based on the company’s price prediction algorithms.

Google Hotel Search Machine Learning

The company is also expanding this feature to hotel search as well alerting users of the best time for reservations. It will also warn you with “higher than usual” pop-up when the prices are high during the holidays season. Users can also have an option for price drops with email alerts. This feature can be set on Google Flights mobile site.

The Google Trips app which was launched last year gets new ‘Discounts’ section which will help you instantly access deals for tickets and tours on top attractions and activities.