Blackberry “BlackPad” coming out next week?

According to the Wall Street Journal, Blackberry is going to announce their first ever tablet next week during the annual developer meeting, and it will be known as BlackPad. They also said that it will be a 7″ inch tablet, and it will have at least one camera, that’s all they know. One more thing is rumored that the tablet will not be running Blackberry OS 6, but it will be running a QNX software. So folks, we don’t have much information about the tablet, but the reason of the tablet is to compete with other tablets available in the market at the moment. Currently Apple iPad is one of the most successful, and the Galaxy S is not out yet, but there’s a lot of hype which means it will be a good thing to use. As HTC and Motorola is also going to launch tablets really soon, so next year will be the year of tablets because we are going to see tablets from all bad boys out there, who’s your favorite?

via Intomobile